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Are you a part of the local workforce and in need of housing? Are you a homeowner looking to help provide solutions to our growing housing crisis? Connect to a local workforce renter or rental today!

Jefferson County’s Housing Crisis by the Numbers

Jefferson County is the third most unaffordable county in Washington State, following San Juan County.
29% of Jefferson County renters are cost-burdened, paying more than 30% of their income on rent.
Median home prices have increased from $276,600 to $455,900 between 2015-2020; an unbelievable jump of 65% in just five years
The lack of housing is a major barrier to economic development throughout the County. Employers, including the City and County, are losing employees due to housing insecurity.
Housing Solutions Network
Rental vacancy rates hover between 0-1% (the national average is around 7%), so that even those with stable incomes simply cannot find available housing
Washington State Dept. of Commerce
18% of housing units in Jefferson County are vacant, either all year or for a large portion of the year. These are both seasonal and non-seasonal second homes. This lowers the supply of housing and increasing costs for permanent year-round residents.

Housing Action Teams

The backbone of the Housing Solutions Network is our volunteer Housing Action Teams. These teams work independently to achieve shared goals that impact
workforce housing.

Affordable Housing 101

New to the topic of housing affordability? Learn the basics of how housing becomes affordable and find resources on how to learn more.

Stories of Impact

Jefferson County is full of stories of struggle and stories of hope. Here, you’ll find personal stories of those who have been impacted by our housing crisis, as well as those who are making a difference. 

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