April 2019 Housing Hero – Teri Nomura

pic of teri nomura

What drives your commitment to work for affordable housing?

There is a pressing need for affordable housing in Jefferson County both rentals and for sale. A wide range of people cannot find housing: potential new hires; younger people; people with pets; people whose lease is not extended and lower income people of all ages. I want to help people get into secure housing.

What is your involvement in housing work in Jefferson County? 

I have been a real estate agent in Jefferson County for the last 24 years and I’ve seen the market go up and down. I was involved in the Prop 1 campaign for Affordable Housing; that would have been a great solution- successful in Bellingham and Vancouver. I have built and remodeled homes and developed property within city limits and in the County. I am preparing to build two homes.

If you could ask one thing of your community, what would it be?

Be courageous. Step out of your comfort zone and think about what you can do to ease the housing shortage. Have a roommate. Build an ADU or tiny home on your property. Build an apartment building. Form a housing coop. Support affordable housing efforts.

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