Making It Happen in Kauai

Communities in Kauai, HI face housing challenges similar to Jefferson County; with newer wealth moving in and driving the cost of living up, many Kauai natives can no longer afford to live there. This has created a shortage of teachers and other crucial employees, and local businesses are struggling to find and keep workers (sound familiar?!). To address this, community leaders have launched the island’s Neighborhood Housing Community Development Corporation to build coalitions of community members, government officials and partner organizations to design permanently affordable and sustainable community housing models.

NHCDC is using creative, innovative and sustainable approaches to housing that reduce housing costs, protect the environment and improve the quality of life for residents of Kaua’i. By using shared transportation (bikes, scooters), solar power, and advanced wastewater treatment units they will preserve environmental resources as well as lower housing costs. They are exploring use of myriad types of homes, such as shipping containers, panelized construction and other efficient construction techniques. The group is also leveraging state bill HRS 46-15 to bypass certain planning and zoning restrictions, by working with local governments to designate areas of land for experimental and demonstration housing projects for the purpose to research and develop ideas that would reduce the cost of housing. Read more from their founder about their vision and launch.  

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