Bayside Housing expand their mission to meet the workforce housing need

Local homeowners have a new opportunity to help bring permanently affordable housing to those who need it most in our community. 

Bayside Housing, having run their transitional housing project at the Old Alcohol Plant since 2016, has seen time and time again that their clients struggle to subsequently find long-term places to live that are within their means. To address this, Bayside is launching a new effort to develop permanently affordable tiny homes and boarding houses. They are using an infill strategy they describe as “human-scale, community-powered, and achievable.” To make this work, Bayside needs land owners willing to provide land donations, land purchase discounts and long-term land leases. For the boarding houses, Bayside is seeking lots in Port Townsend in the 10,000 sq ft range to meet building and parking requirements. For the tiny homes, there is more flexibility in location and size.

To minimize the impact on land owners, the Bayside team will navigate all permitting and design processes. They will also screen potential tenants and manage tenant/landlord relationships after move in. Bayside is approaching this bold new vision with a commitment to respecting the character of local neighborhoods. This is a great opportunity for property owners to contribute individually to local housing issues without becoming large-scale developers.

If you have land to donate, lease or sell at a low price, please contact Aislinn Palmer – or (360) 385-4637.

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