Community for Co-Ops!

Not long ago, a few concerned community members attended a training on housing cooperatives, and wondered how they could promote more of this type of inclusive, affordable housing here in Jefferson County. Together they launched the Quimper Housing Development Cooperative as a way to support the development of alternative community-based solutions to affordable housing.

QHDC serves as a support system and resource for those looking to participate in housing cooperatives (collectively owned), co-housing (shared commons, such as Quimper Village), or co-buying (sharing of property ownership) developments. These unique models can provide residents with social inclusivity, climate-friendly design and permanently affordable housing. The QHDC offers information and services such as land location, building and design assistance, advocacy and connectivity to others looking for this type of community. 

If you are interested in this type of living or would like to become a member, reach out to Viki Sonntag at to learn more. 

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