The Community Boat Project goes beyond boats

The Community Boat Project (CBP) has expanded their efforts and created a new program, Shelter from the Storm. The program provides paid internships to 18-25 year-olds in Jefferson County and teaches job and life skills through building tiny houses. The houses they produce are then offered to members of the community. 

There are not enough skilled workers in Jefferson County in the construction and marine trades. Part of that problem is that workers simply cannot find housing that they can afford. CBP is addressing both of these issues at once, providing simple housing solutions and growing the skilled workforce. CBP wants to give young people a launch pad into a healthy life, benefitting our community all around.

Tiny houses are part of the solution to the complex housing crisis in Jefferson County. The CBP began building tiny houses at the request of students who wanted the skills to build their own place, thus having shelter and more control over their lives. For CBP, tiny homes are not hovels, but instead represent quality homes for working people who embrace simple living.

The Community Boat Project has built four homes to date; the latest is presently on display at Finnriver Cidery. They are gorgeous and use 80% repurposed materials. This upcoming program year is supported by two grants, from Jefferson Community Foundation’s Better Living Through Giving circle, and the Medina Foundation of Seattle.

Interested in learning more, supporting the work, or getting one of these tiny houses?  Reach out to Wayne Chimenti at

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