Seeking: place to buy – land or a home

Location: Port Townsend

Tenants: 2

Number of Bedrooms: 2, 3

Pets: no

Occupation: veterinarian

What makes you a great tennant?: tidy and conscientious

Short Story: We moved here in 2019 and I accepted a dvm position with a local clinic. We tried to purchase a home during COVID, but the market was bonkers. Even though we had cash and bid higher than asking price on multiple places, we were still unable to buy a home. Feeling hopeless, we left for 6 months to explore other options. We’ve recently returned and are in a temporary rental while I help out at the clinic which had to close multiple days due to having no dvm. We’re giving it another go and trying to purchase a home here.

Target Housing Cost: $600k or less