Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent

Location: Anywhere in Jefferson County

Tenants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1, 2

Pets: I am hoping to adopt a cat this summer

Occupation: Farmer and food security advocate

What makes you a great tennant?: I am organized, communicative, and clean. I seek to be respectful and caring of the spaces that I occupy, and I pay my bills on time.

Short Story: I consider myself to be an artist, farmer, and food system advocate in the community. In each space that I enter, whether it is a public space or a home, I practice respect and care for the space in which I find myself. I moved out to Western Washington a little over a year ago and am seeking to become more fully integrated into the Jefferson County farming community. Connecting with landlords or landowners who want to support local farmers and food systems is important to me, and I would feel very supported if someone from this service wanted to connect with me.

Target Housing Cost: Somewhere between $500-$1200