Seeking: Rental

Location: Port Townsend

Tenants: 2

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Pets: One small dog

Occupation: Retired now Park Aide for state parks

What makes you a great tennant?: Always pay on time, care for rental as if my own. Maintenance skills and honesty.

Short Story: I retired 6 years ago from a life as a pharmacist. We have owned houses and now rent. My wife is retired from a life of environmental work and art. We moved to Port Townsend in 1991, moved away to the SW and moved back 8 years ago. Our last rental was turned into an airb&b rental, and our present lease is up in July when the owners return from Alaska. We love Port Townsend and do not want to leave the area.

Target Housing Cost: $1800-$2200