Seeking: Rental

Location: Port Townsend

Tenants: 2

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Pets: We have a hypo allergenic miniature schnauzer. He is a registered service animal.

Occupation: Production Engineer for ACI boats

What makes you a great tennant?: I am quiet and respectful. I wake up early, go to bed early, and having done my fair share of contracting, I keep a tight eye on the the space to look out for any problems that could arise like leaky pipes, water ingress around windows, etc. so that they can be addressed before they become big problems.

Short Story: I am a designer, artist, and craftsman in my mid 30’s. I am a very considerate person, and I take pride in making my presence a safe space for whomever I interact with. My partner is of a similar mindset and has turned this passion into a career. A retired professional dancer, she is a movement therapist and licensed massage therapist specializing in pain management and athletic rehabilitation. We are gentle people who enjoy spending time at home and in the great outdoors.

Target Housing Cost: $1800/month