2023-09-28 Port Townsend Planning Commission Report – Eric J

Complete By: Eric J
Date of Meeting: 2023-09-28
Government Body: Port Townsend Planning Commission
Agenda Link: cityofpt.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=4&clip_id=2788
Uploaded Materials:

Topic: Comp Plan Annual Amendment Cycle
Type: Official Vote
Takeaway: • Defining Height
• Defining Open Space
• R-IV Diagrams, Minimum Density, and Lot Coverage
• Rainier Subarea Plan Forest Buffer Averaging
• Height in Mixed Use Zones
• Floor Area Ratio in Mixed Use Zones
• Parking Standards

– Habitat is limited in their capacity/expertise to build larger than 4 units and 2 stories – they lobbied against increasing minimum density in RIV as to not jeopardize upcoming projects
– No annul amendments in 2024 because of Comp Plan update
Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement: October 9th – joint city council planning commission workshop meeting

Topic: Equity, Access, and Rights Advisory Board (EAR)
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: New advisory Board Forming:

Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement: Members must be at least 14 years’ old and live, work, or own a business in Port Townsend. Council is seeking a broad spectrum of backgrounds and points of view for this board.

Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement:

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