2023-10-06 Other:Stock Plans Sub Committee Report – Eric J

Complete By: Eric J
Date of Meeting: 2023-10-06
Government Body: Other:
Agenda Link: cityofpt.granicus.com/DocumentViewer.php?file=cityofpt_7519811352fea25b46e3557b957137ac.pdf&view=1
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Topic: Stock Plans Presentation
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: A joint county and city subcommittee has formed to usher the process of recommending the purchase stock residential plans. The committee is seated by Kevin Coker and Matt Sircely from the County PC and Neil Nelson and Bob Doyle (absent) from the city PC. Emma Bolin and Brent Butler are leading this project and the JC BoCC will be the body ultimately deciding.

Stock plans are perceived as a way to reduce permitting time, reduce building design costs, and make it easier to determine the cost to build without having to get too far into the process. However site permitting, site work, utilities, critical area issues, septic feasibility, etc. still remain major variables.

There are several notable items linked on the City’s engage PT website including:
– link to submitted stock plans
– Sept. 5 presentation to City Council
– a feedback form

The meeting was a public engaging workshop session with 8 in-person attendees and 5 online. There was a lot of time open for public comment. A lot of open discussion with not much nailed down. Importance of affordability was mentioned many times and reinforced by public comment, but will remain to be seen.

– Accessibility                                             15%
– Affordability                                              35%
– Compact Design/design features        15%
– Density (for city)                                     20%
15% – Additional Cost for structural review
– Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Building Materials

– “lunch and learns” w/ county staff, PUD, possible more
– Post plans at community centers
Notable Dates: TIMELINE
public input – October to January
Rank plans – February
structural review – March
plans for use – Late March
Opportunities For Engagement: Spread the word about this process particularly to those interested in building a home or ADU.

Topic: Stock Plans Public Comments
Type: Public Comment
Takeaway: Duncan Kellogg of Innovative Tiny Homes
He has a small startup operation building tiny homes on wheels but has run into issues with L&I permitting. L&I won’t permit his homes until they are on site and unpermitted tiny homes can’t be legally placed in Jefferson County. (My understanding is the proper way to do this is establish an L&I approved “factory” for producing tiny homes on wheels, but currently this is cost prohibitive for small scale or start up operation)

Anne of Green Pod
She is working on designs that include a primary residence, two attached ADUs and two Satellite bedrooms and fit on one city lot (yes this is allowed!).

Kellen Lynch of OHT
“Most of us couldn’t live here if we had to do it again”

Ben Wilson
Need to update plans so they all have similar information, particularly an estimated cost to build.
Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement:

Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement:

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