2023-10-16 Port Townsend City Council Report – Jane Armstrong

Complete By: Jane Armstrong
Date of Meeting: 2023-10-16
Government Body: Port Townsend City Council
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Topic: Zone/code changed for r4 and mu
Type: Official Vote
Takeaway: Changes from last meeting Approved with stated intent to take farther in comprehensive plan 2024
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Topic: Mountain View pool…like golf course, evans vista.. big topics
Type: Presentation, Public Comment
Takeaway: Deferred making recommendation to county until more information on pool district, public showers,

Leaning is fairly strong to support it but more information requested and deeper dive in November
Monica was leaning to a no tonight as too big

Ben wasn’t crazy that it be county wide tax

Faber and Owen may be supportive of full build out depending on fund raising

Public comment from families was to support it to keep families here and to meet their needs.. second only to housing. No pool doesn’t seem to be an option (letting current pool fail and close)

0ther comments: Too big, distrust expressed from others

An Answer is needed for dog park that is as good, not less than status quo. Pro Golf course folks generally doesn’t want the dog park there
Notable Dates:
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Notable Dates:
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