2023-10-21 Other:HSN Housing Seminar Report – Eric J

Complete By: Eric J
Date of Meeting: 2023-10-21
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Topic: Townsend Bay Property Management
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: – Require renters income to be 3X rental cost (housing 33% of income)
– Rents are decided by property owner with input from TBPM
– TBPM is managing the new West Harbor apartments at the rainier round about
– In September, average rent for 2 bed 2 bath was $1900/mo
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Opportunities For Engagement:

Topic: Peninsula Housing Authority
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: – Serves both Clallam and Jefferson Counties
– Soon to hold office hours in Jefferson County at the OlyCap Office
– 902 total Section 8 voucher allocation from federal government
– tenants decides which county to use voucher
– can spend up to 40% of income on housing (voucher counts as income)
– must make less than 50% AMI
– once awarded home seekers have 5 months to find a rental
– Park models do not qualify
– home share is possible option for disabled persons only
– units must be under 120% HUD Fair Market Rents (under temporary waiver that increases limit from 110%)
– This is a big limitation to homeseekers find units
– only 38% of voucher holders find housing
– properties are inspected by PHA

Section 8 waitlist
– opens once depleted
– last opened in July for 1 week
– 230 applicants received out of 500 total slots
– will work through waitlist in batches of 50 applicants at a time
– will take 12-18 month to deplete current list
– Of the total applicants, typically only 40-50% actually qualify (income, criminal record, etc)
– and of those only about half accept (moved away, no longer need, do not reply)
Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement: https://www.commerce.wa.gov/serving-communities/homelessness/tenant-based-rental-assistance-tbra/

Topic: Pro Bono Lawyers
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: Lots of information to take, too much to relay here, and probably the most valued presenter of the day. Ted Howard is really well versed in housing law. According to him there is also a shortage of lawyers in Jefferson County.

There seems to be a big distinction on what a landlord can do or when they can do it depending on if a property is on a fixed term lease or one that has lapsed into a month to month situation.

Landlord duties: RCW 59.18.060
Tenant duties: RCW 59.18.130
Notable Dates:
Opportunities For Engagement: cjcpbl.org

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