Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent, I’d love to rent to own, but that seems a bit pie in the sky.

Location: Port Townsend

Tenants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: 1 dog, approximately 45 pounds, working toward good citizen certification to be a therapy dog.

Occupation: Paraeducator with special education students.

What makes you a great tennant?: I try to leave everywhere better than I found it. I value the hard work and expense that property owners put in.

Short Story: I am a neurodivergent individual who has courageously moved to PT to seek joy through community, good works, simple living, volunteering, and time spent in nature with my young (but fully-grown) dog. Helping my father through his end-of-life transition brought to light the need for less money and more quality of life. I am ready to be a great tenant and community member. I want to help you to keep your place nice and am fond of doing collaborative garden and yard work. Please help me to give my friends back their space that they are hosting me in!

Target Housing Cost is Under: $850