2023-11-20 Port Townsend City Council Report – jane armstrong

Complete By: jane armstrong
Date of Meeting: 2023-11-20
Government Body: Port Townsend City Council
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Housing Topic One
Takeaway: file links were provided previously.
Evans Vista presentation.
City Council approved the request to allow the City to move forward with next steps which will lead to infrastructure applications etc to make the site ready for development for non profits and others. Technical advisory group supported that the City should and needed to do that.

Mortgage rates at 7-8 % and construction loans at 10% have priced out construction projects at this time. Banks are not lending for these at the present time. see you later. By the time the city’s next steps have progressed and are ready -2025 ish time frame we should be in a different landscape to assess affordability, gaps etc.

Comprehensive plan efforts will do a housing study/perhaps employer study of employee housing needs and affordability parameters to build what is needed.

Plan is not a blueprint of number of units, unit size, etc… The point at this time is to move toward gettingthe general underlay/utilities etc in place where the housing will go to be ready (shovel ready?) when the timing is better.

Not a surprise to anyone.
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Housing Topic Two
Topic: comprehensive plan
Takeaway: This is a very important process affecting housing which is starting. Apparently it was covered in brewacracy last thursday on kptz as well.

(ill note that I also caught yesterday part of Kellen Lynch, Olympic Housing trust, formerly HSN network weaver on KPTZ talking land trusts, oht. )
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Housing Topic Three
Topic: golf course contract