Seeking: Rental, Temporary Residence (1 – 3 months), H

Location: Port Townsend

Tenants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: No

Occupation: Commercial Fisherman, JCFM Vendor

What makes you a great tennant?: I am quiet, self-aware, and clean. To me, home is a sanctuary, and I care deeply for the spaces I reside in. I always pay rent early.

Short Story: I grew up in Port Townsend and moved back in September of ‘22. In addition to commercial salmon trolling in Alaska during the summer and selling at the market, I nanny my current landlord’s toddler and am busy building a homestead here in PT from raw land. I will also spend part of the Winter working on a permaculture farm on Maui. I have been blessed with a place to live since I moved back, but a 120 sf cabin with an outdoor kitchen and no hot water is no fun this time of year! I will be gone in January and part of February, then gone again for the summer, so I am an idea candidate for someone who has a cabin or ADU that they want to rent out “part-time.” I am open to work-trading with clear communication and expectations.

Target Housing Cost is Under: $700