2024-01-18 Other: Habitat for Humanity Report – Bill Wise

Complete By: Bill Wise
Date of Meeting: 2024-01-18
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Takeaway: Habitat for Humanity – Mason Street Presentation – Jan 18 2024

Attending: JC Library ~ 20 people / Online ~ 40 participants

Project Overview
This presentation outlines the basics of thinking – not specifics at this point
Affordable workforce housing – roughly 150 units
17 acres next to JC Library
Mixed home ownership and rental
Mixed income – 1/3 Habitat & 2/3 mixed income
Habitat typically does 40 AMI to 80 AMI – this site will go up to 150 AMI
No market rate housing planned
Multiplex homes/apartments
Construction start 2025/2026
First home occupied 2027

Homes 800 sf – small but adequate homes
Parking – 1 1/2 spaces per unit
Transit is available – Bus #6 runs down Mason Street now
More public conversation sessions planned
Ground lease for 99 years
How do you make sure this is for working families? Homes do recycle as people move up to income ladder and then these homes can be resold to the incoming workers
Master Plan addressing how to keep this as workforce housing long term
Funding of this project
Phasing this project with building over 5 years – as homes are sold then these monies are used to build more homes
Money raised are primarily in hand or in pledges
All homes are ownership model – organization could buy a group of homes for their organization needs; homes also sold to individuals through mortgages
Donations and grants are part of the funding process.
Net/net – H4H has a typical deficit of $150,000 between the sold price and the built costs
Question still unanswered – who will step up to own the rental apartments and therefore who might be included as renters (namely Section 8 folks)
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