2024-02-09 Other: Housing Fund Board Special Meeting Report – Eric Jones

Complete By: Eric Jones
Date of Meeting: 2024-02-09
Government Body: Other: Housing Fund Board Special Meeting
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Housing Topic One
Topic: Homeless System Performance Measures
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: Emily Burgess, the Washington Dept. of Commerce Director of the Data and Performance Unit, presented on the metrics they collect and how to utilize them. Much of the content fell outside of HSN’s scope and was particularly relevant to OlyCAP, Bayside and Dove House, all who were in attendance, as well as PT planning department staff (Greg Brotherton and Aislinn Palmer were also there as members of the HFB).

– no performance measures were required during covid but will resume summer/fall 2024
– new performance measure tied to race/ethnicity
– In Jefferson County the placement of many people has been categorized as “other”, which as a category isn’t very telling or always represented in Dept. commerce data. “other” is either a misclassification, or a solution/result that doesn’t fit the definitions of other categories.
“Snapshot” reports are supplemental to the point-in-time homeless count are published two times a year (Jan/July)
Data and Performance Unit | Housing Division public dashboard

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Housing Topic Two
Topic: Bayside Housing
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: I had a conversation with Heather Dudley-Nollette, who this year took on the new role of Deputy Executive Director at Bayside. There are many exciting things happening at Bayside including transitioning the old Hadlock Motel to permanent supportive housing, purchasing the land under Pat’s place and exploring the purchase of the land under the taco truck at San Juan and F st.

However most notable to us is they are looking into building a modular apartment building on the Pat’s place property because of the lower cost and possibility for replication — this project is known as Vince’s village. If successful this could be a great example of how to build lower cost homes.

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Housing Topic Three
Topic: 2044 Housing need predictions
Type: Presentation
Takeaway: In regards to the much discussed housing projections published but the Department of Commerce Office of Financial Management last year. It was noted that these projections are based on 2019 data — pre COVID pandemic. It was suggested that our local governments invite that office to present updated projections.
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