Short Story: I’m a creative entrepreneur trying to make a life for myself here in Port Townsend. In addition to a background in bookkeeping and gardening, I now run a smoothie and juice business here in PT. I love to share my nourishing creations with other people and am excited to be doing it full time this year.I love to be outdoors whether it’s going for walks with my dog, hiking in the mountains, paddling at Lake Cresent, or just having a cup of tea in the back yard. And when I am inside, I seek a safe, quiet and peaceful atmosphere to recharge in. I’m looking for a rental that provides me with some groundedness and stability while I pursue building a more permanent structure for myself. This could be 6 months to a year. Thanks for your time.

Seeking: Rental, Short term lease of 6 months Location: Port Townsend Tenants: 1 Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1 Pets: 1 dog, he’s a sweetheart and well behaved red heeler mix Occupation: Owner of Sol Smoothies What makes you a great tenant?: I am clean and quiet, responsible and reliable, respectful and communicative. Target Housing Cost is Under: $1000

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