Short Story: I came to Port Townsend with my husband and three children 30 years ago. I was a substitute teacher in the Port Townsend schools for a time before becoming a massage therapist. I had an active practice in town was the first Swedish Massage and Ethics teacher at the Port Townsend School of Massage. I am now retired. I am fit and healthy. I love quilting, walking and doing Qigong every day. I would very much like to live uptown whether in a shared space or on my own.

Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent
Location: Port Townsend
Tenants: 1
Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1
Pets: No
Occupation: Teacher/massage therapist
What makes you a great tenant?: I am reliable and communicative. I make wherever I am living into a cozy, clean, beautiful space.

Target Housing Cost is Under: $1000

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