Short Story: Like everyone on this list, I love life in Jefferson County and I’m eager to continue to call it home. Finding clean, affordable, and safe housing has been a big challenge and I’m anxious for the day the search is behind me. I have found a strong community here, and I’m seeking a stable place to lay my head for the future!

Seeking: Rental, I am also interested in land for sale within Port Townsend.
Location: Port Townsend
Tenants: 1
Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1, 2, 3, 4, Any number of bedrooms
Pets: No pets, but I love animals.
Occupation: I work at the food co-op
What makes you a great tenant?: I was lucky enough to find housing through this very site, but it was not as private as I expected it to be. I am a clear and effective communicator, and I love to respect boundaries. I always pay rent on time without issue and identify problems as soon as they arise.

Target Housing Cost is Under: $1000

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