Short Story: I recently moved back to Washington from New York to be close to family. I’m currently working as a home care aide with an ultimate interest in going to nursing school. I’ve usually lived with roommates and I’m considered a quiet, friendly and respectful presence to have around. When I’m not working, I like to cook, bake, and do textile arts. I also like to be outdoors as much as possible, hiking and riding my bike. I am sober and substance-free out of personal preference and I keep my personal space free of those things. I like connecting with others in my community through volunteering projects.

Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent, Land lease for mobile home or tiny home on wheels, Work-trade living arrangement
Location: Port Townsend
Tenants: 1
Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1
Pets: I have one indoor-only cat.
Occupation: Home care aide
What makes you a great tenant?: I’m quiet, clean and friendly.

Target Housing Cost is Under: $1200

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