About Us

Welcome to the Jefferson County Housing Solutions Network!

HSN was founded in 2018 by the Jefferson Community Foundation, and serves as a response to the growing housing crisis in Jefferson County, Washington. We work to facilitate connectivity, communication and the co-creation of new strategies to increase the availability of affordable and attainable housing in our region. We work alongside local housing champions – both individuals and institutions – by providing support and capacity building to ensure success.   

HSN fundamentally works to grow a network of housing champions using the Community Network Building approach. The core of this network are our community-driven Housing Action Teams, made up of groups of volunteers who work together to identify  obstacles to affordable housing and then craft and implement strategies to create new solutions. To get a sense of our work, check out our 2020 Accomplishments.

In addition, HSN has directed new funding to housing efforts through the Jefferson Community Foundation, provided scholarships for grant writing workshops, offered coaching and Board development for local organizations, and cultivated a wide-reaching communications platform to educate community members about housing challenges and housing solutions in our community.

We have a mighty team of two-part time staff and dozens of committed community volunteers. We hope you’ll join their ranks!

Our Team

Justine Gonzalez-Berg

Justine began her work as a local activist and community organizer through working on a campaign to forward a more progressive tax structure for Washington State. She became engaged in Housing Solutions Network as a volunteer, and then worked as the Network Weaver for over a year before moving into the role of Director. Justine cares deeply about the future and vitality of Jefferson County, and understands the housing crisis through the intimate lens of her own experience and the experiences of her friends and peers.
Beyond her work for HSN, Justine serves as the Board Secretary for Homeward Bound Community Land Trust and is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Strait Up Magazine.
Contact: justine@jcfgives.org

Kellen Lynch
Network Weaver

Raised in Port Townsend, Kellen is committed to sustaining the community that supported him. As a small business owner and community volunteer, he has built connections across Jefferson County while witnessing the rapid disappearance of available and affordable housing. Kellen believes that there is a way forward through this crisis if we can see past ourselves to our greater needs.

Kellen’s professional work extends to his energy analysis consultancy, New Story Studio, and as an occasional instructor at the Institute for Energy Studies at his alma mater, Western Washington University.

Contact: kellen@jcfgives.org


Housing Solutions Network and Jefferson Community Foundation

HSN was initially incubated at JCF as a field-of-interest fund in order to meet a gap in the housing landscape: a space for new community leaders to develop new solutions for affordable workforce housing. It was the founders’ intention to pilot the effort in a measured, low-overhead environment and then, if successful, to build the governance and operating structures needed to become independent from JCF.

HSN currently operates as a distinct initiative from JCF, with two dedicated part-time staff members and a set of programs that are unique from JCF’s core programs and services. JCF still offers HSN support through administrative support and offers strategic feedback and guidance upon request. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions regarding the nature of our relationship.