About Us

Welcome to the Jefferson County Housing Solutions Network (HSN), a field-of-interest fund of the Jefferson Community Foundation (JCF).

HSN was founded in 2018 through a generous grant of the First Federal Community Foundation, and serves as a response to the growing housing crisis in Jefferson County, Washington. We work to facilitate connectivity, communication and the co-creation of new strategies to increase the availability of affordable and attainable housing in our region. We work alongside local housing champions – both individuals and institutions – by providing support and capacity building to ensure success.   

HSN has directed new grant dollars to housing efforts through the Jefferson Community Foundation and provided scholarships for grant writing workshops, as well as offered coaching and Board development for local organizations. In addition to our Housing Action Teams, we have convened groups of stakeholders to identify and act on local issues of concern, including local workforce and affordable housing developers, community advocates, systems engineers and government staff.

We have a mighty team of three-part time staff and dozens of committed community volunteers. We hope you’ll join their ranks!


Housing Solutions Network and Jefferson Community Foundation

HSN was initially incubated at JCF as a field-of-interest fund in order to meet a gap in the housing landscape: a space for new community leaders to develop new solutions for affordable workforce housing. It was the founders’ intention to pilot the effort in a measured, low-overhead environment and then, if successful, to build the governance and operating structures needed to become independent from JCF.

HSN currently operates as a distinct initiative and field-of-interest fund of JCF, with two dedicated part-time staff members and a set of programs that are unique from JCF’s core programs and services. JCF still offers HSN support through administrative support and offers strategic feedback and guidance upon request. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions regarding the nature of our relationship.

Our Team

Siobhan Canty
CEO, Jefferson Community Foundation

Siobhan is an experienced nonprofit leader with a career that has focused on philanthropy and volunteering. She brings deep knowledge of community building, collaboration, innovation and leadership. 

Her former positions include  National Director of Strategic Initiatives at the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation; U.S. Change Leader at Ashoka Innovators for the Public; Executive Director of Greater DC Cares; and Program Director at the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.

Siobhan has earned a National Innovation Award from the Points of Light Institute and was recruited by the Office of President Barack Obama as a potential Presidential Appointee to the Social Innovation Fund of the White House.

Kerry Hastings
Network Coordinator, Housing Solutions Network

Kerry has worked as an activist, community organizer, and in several nonprofits over the past 15 years. Most recently she was Executive Director of Housing Long Beach, an organization committed to developing long-term solutions to address the housing crisis and create quality housing options for all individuals and families. She has worked with many diverse communities on the myriad issues impacting their health and wellbeing, and has a personal and professional commitment to social change for those most impacted by the greatest challenges of today’s world.

Kerry holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of London and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from Azusa Pacific University.

Justine Gonzalez-Berg
Network Weaver, Housing Solutions Network

Justine began her work as a local activist and community organizer through working on a campaign to forward a more progressive tax structure for Washington State. From there she became engaged in Housing Solutions Network as a volunteer before becoming the Network Weaver. Justine cares deeply about the future and vitality of Jefferson County, and has learned about the housing crisis through witnessing friends struggle to find decent, affordable housing.
Justine holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Political Science from Hampshire College.

Contact & Job Openings

All general inquiries about HSN can be directed to Justine at justine@jcfgives.org

See the job description below. To apply, send your resume, cover letter, and at least one reference to justine@jcfgives.org by December 7th (position will be open until filled).

HSN Network Weaver Job Description