202401 Jefferson County Planning Commission Report

Date of Meeting: 2024-05-01

Government Body: Jefferson County Planning Commission

Agenda Link: https://test.co.jefferson.wa.us/weblinkexternal/0,0/edoc/5437788/2024%2005%2001%20PC%20Meeting%20-%20Agenda%20Packet.pdf

Uploaded Materials:

Housing Topic One

Topic: Public Hearing

Type: Presentation, Public Comment

Takeaway: Please note, all JeffCo agendas have the same passcode: public

DCD Updates:

– Welcome Andrew Schwartz, D3 Commissioner- Brinnon

– Stock Plans update:

$165,000 awarded to Jefferson County for engineering costs. DCD will be reaching out to the top designs submitted to get an estimate

cost. Brent called out HSN as a positive partner in SPs survey.

– Sewer work is starting in Hadlock at Elkins and working towards the four way at QFC.

Short Term Rental Update, Presented by B.Butler:

– Understand zoning, SEPA, and environmental impacts of STRs.

Public Comment:

– With owner occupied, can the owner live in the ADU and not the primary residence?

Comment as provided by HSN,

We support the ideas to:

1. Cap the # of STRs to <200.

2. Use platform based enforcements to ensure permit compliance

3. Require owner on premise for at least 6 months out of the calendar year, so entire unites can’t be use solely for STRs and allow for second homes to be used in down time, and limiting one STR per owner,

4. Limit-terms of STR permits to 5 years or less, offering equity to those interested, but unable to get an original permit when opened.

Annual Amendment Comprehensive Docket Plans:

Public Comments:

– Mark Knudsen, EDC Board Chair. Supports Airport Overlay #3 for light industrial.

– Comment as provided by HSN:

We applaud and thank the Planning Commission and DCD for identifying lower barriers for some of our more vulnerable populations when prioritizing their focus for the Comp Plan Amendments.

1. We appreciate support the land swap to assist our partners at OlyCap to establish a long term facility for low income and homeless

individuals and families.

2. Identify ways to streamline and support the development of Habitat’s Mason Street development in Hadlock.

3. Focus efforts on farmworker housing, under the state’s definition, to encourage housing solutions for those who help feed our community.

4. Lower barriers for homeowners to create workforce housing on their private properties.

5. As a board member of the EDC, HSN also supports the EDC comment made today. We support local jobs here by expanding the Overlay #3 at the airport, knowing that this parcel is not ideal for housing developments. Housing and business expansion are the two main issues for businesses to move away from our community, leaving us focusing more and more on tourism.

Notable Dates: TBD at the next Planning Commission meeting. This one was cut short due to lengthy STR overview.

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Housing Topic Two




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Housing Topic Three




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