Home Sharing in Uptown

Home sharing has been a way of life since the late 1980s for a single senior homeowner in the uptown district of Port Townsend. It all started when she offered a free bedroom to a young person working at a local non-profit. After a couple positive experiences, and seeing a need for affordable living spaces for such community members, she has rented space to more people than she can remember.

Home Sharing with Interns

Although she didn’t need the income, she felt it wasn’t fair to use more space than she needed. She got off to a good start with the first couple of renters, and except for a year when she had a hip replacement, home sharing has been a regular part of her life.

Let’s Advocate to Prevent Homelessness

This year, Washington’s annual Homelessness and Housing Advocacy went from a single day in Olympia to a week-long, online-only meeting of 791 advocates, over a quarter of which had lived experience of homelessness. The week included an intensive introduction to all the housing equity bills in the current legislative session as well as opportunities to connect with other housing advocates in Legislative District 24 (which includes Jefferson County).

Something Positive to Focus On – by Share DeWees

In early October I received an email from Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship member, Kathy Stevenson. She was asking if people with building skills would consider joining a group that was working on building Tiny Shelters for unsheltered people in Jefferson County. I had not heard of the Community Build Project but it piqued my interest. … Read more

The Golden Rule – by James Lyman

Blessings, dear ones.  My name is James Lyman and I am the Pastor of the Evangelical Bible Church, situated on the corner of 22d Street and San Juan Avenue, here in Port Townsend. I was approached by Peter Bonyun and Judith Alexander in early September, just two months ago.  They were inquiring about a project … Read more

Selling with Intention

I came with the intention of becoming involved in local/global issues such as climate change, and soon learned there were other equally pressing issues.

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