Tiny Homes and ADUs

Local tiny home developer, Green Pod Development

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular as a way for communities to create more affordable living options (not clear on the difference between the two? Read this article!). Here are a few resources to get you started in thinking about buying, building or living in a tiny home!

The County defines an ADU as, “an additional dwelling unit either in or added to an existing single family detached dwelling, or in a separate accessory structure on the same lot as the main structure, for use as a complete, independent living facility with provisions within the accessory dwelling unit for cooking, eating, sanitation and sleeping.”

The City of Port Townsend allows both the primary residence and ADU to be rented out, whereas everywhere else in Jefferson County, if you are building an ADU on a lot with an existing home, the owner of the single family home must occupy either the primary unit or the ADU if you plan to rent one out.

Learn more about design, permitting, and other ADU guidelines for the City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County.

Local Opportunities

  • The Tiny Home Communities Housing Action Team has crafted a policy paper and call to action for affordable density in PT. Learn more here.
  • Bayside Housing’s new tiny home program is working with homeowners to place tiny homes on their property. Learn more here.
  • If you are a tiny home owner (or hope to be) and want to live with others in community, Quimper Housing Development Cooperative exists to support those looking to participate in housing cooperatives, co-housing, or co-buying developments. For more information, contact Viki Sonntag at vikis@ecopraxis.org.
  • The County is considering an update to its ADU policy that would allow for more small units per parcel. Contact Planning Commissioner Matt Sircely at mattsircely@gmail.com to learn more.
  • The Community Boat Project is shifting their focus from boat building to tiny home building. Learn about and support their efforts at their website.