Wells Fargo

Community Development: We support the improvement of low- and moderate-income communities through programs that: create and sustain affordable housing, provide job opportunities and workforce development, revitalize and stabilize communities https://www.wellsfargo.com/about/corporate-responsibility/washington-grant-guidelines/

W.K. Kellogg

Thriving Children, Working Families, Equitable Communities. Has a racial equity lens. Helping children scceed is at the heart of each giving area. https://www.wkkf.org

US Bank

Grant areas in “Work, Home, Play.” HOME area = “We provide financial support to assist people in developing stability in their lives through access to safe, sustainable and accessible homes” https://www.usbank.com/community/community-possible-grant-program-home.aspx

Northwest Area Foundation

“supports organizations anchored in the culture of the people they serve and dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Native communities, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, and rural communities.” Four areas: access to capital, work opportunity, enterprise development, financial inclusion https://nwaf.org

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