Vermonters find ways to make modular housing accessible and sustainable

In the wake of Tropical Storm Irene in August of 2011, Vermonters assessed the statewide damage and noticed that mobile home residents were disproportionately affected by this extreme weather event. Mobile homes have historically offered an affordable housing solution for many families, but because they are less well insulated and are typically propped up on … Read more

Tiny Homes for Tribes in B.C.

picture of tiny homes

Housing challenges stretch beyond water and borders into rural communities in British Columbia.  There, two First Nations tribes have begun to use tiny homes as a creative answer to their housing crises. In Hope, B.C. (pop. 6,181), the Yale First Nation has launched a project to build a dozen energy-efficient tiny homes that will be accessible to the … Read more

Making It Happen in Kauai

Communities in Kauai, HI face housing challenges similar to Jefferson County; with newer wealth moving in and driving the cost of living up, many Kauai natives can no longer afford to live there. This has created a shortage of teachers and other crucial employees, and local businesses are struggling to find and keep workers (sound familiar?!). To address this, community … Read more