Cultivating Solutions Video

HSN’s volunteer outreach team has created an 13-minute video about the housing crisis in Jefferson County and some of the innovative responses of local individuals. This is a preview.

Want to see the full film? Read on below…

Want to see the full film? It will be available on this website in Spring 2020, or you can schedule a screening for your community group (church, service club, book club, neighborhood association, etc.) by contacting

Why delay the release? We feel that the real value of the film comes from the facilitated conversations that follow it. Housing is a critical issue, and we want to invite people to view it with others from their social spheres and enter into the sometimes challenging space of asking, “What can I do to help protect my community?”

Since completing the video, we have facilitated several screenings and facilitated conversations. People are being inspired to use their skills, resources and time to identify how they can be a part of the solution. We have several more screenings planned for the new year, and we are hoping to grow the list!  Public screenings will be announced as they are arranged, but anyone can initiate a private screening for a group of neighbors, friends, co-workers, club members, faith group, or any other type of community!

To hold a screening and conversation, contact:

HSN Network Weaver Justine Gonzalez-Berg at

Enormous gratitude goes out to the anonymous donor who enabled HSN to pay filmmaker Michael McCurdy to create this video.