Empty Homes

Unlocking Empty Homes​

Homes are considered “vacant” by the Census Bureau for a number of reasons: second homes, vacation homes,  homes being prepared for sale, homes that have sold but not yet moved into, unoccupied rentals, foreclosures, homes under construction and more. 

Do you have a second home that could serve our workforce?

Our Neighbor To Neighbor program is an initiative to connect some of the 3000 local, empty homes with our local workforce.

Do you have an unoccupied home that could rented to a nurse from the hospital, an emergency responder from the police or fire department, or a teacher from one of our four school districts? Every sector of our local economy is struggling to hire and retain workers. We can make this far easier by offering the stable housing already built in our community. With over 3,000 chronically unoccupied homes in Jefferson County, we have a more than enough to go around if we put our hearts and minds to work.

Curious to learn how we calculated the local empty homes? We scoured the US Census Bureau’s 2020 data and produced this short report.

Interested in creating Solutions?

Contact our team at: housingsolutions@jcfgives.org

Creative Solutions

Check out how a nonprofit in Big Sky, Montana is tackling empty homes while still provided owners with vacation units. 

These free resources are provided as part of our Share Our Spaces campaign
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