Engagement Opportunities

We believe that sustainable housing solutions will only be possible through a mix of individual, grassroots, organizational, and government-focused action.  Below are examples of how Jefferson County residents are already making a difference.

There are many more solutions that are already in action or could be initiated; please reach out to us at housingsolutions@jcfgives.org if you have ideas or stories of solutions to share. 

Individual Commitments and Grassroots Engagement

  • Volunteer through HSN. Join an already existing project, or create your own.
  • Rent your ADU and/or second home as long-term rentals at an affordable rate.
  • Build a tiny home or ADU to create a new unit of housing for yourself or someone else.
  • If you are selling property, consider owner-financing.
  • Talk to your friends about how other communities are addressing the housing crisis.
  • If you are a tiny home owner (or hope to be) and want to live with others in community, contact the Quimper Housing Development Cooperative.
  • Organize a screening of Cultivating Solutions video, followed by a facilitated conversation.
  • Sign up on Engage PT to receive notifications about upcoming city meetings. And/or, see upcoming City Meetings here. Agendas are posted at least a few days prior to each meeting, and sometimes include housing.
  • Tell your officials (City Councilors or County Commissioners) that you care about housing, and you want to see policy changes that support density, affordability, and inclusionary zoning.
  • Talk to your neighbors, friends, and colleagues who have empty units (second homes, ADUs, basement apartments) about the housing crisis. Most people don’t realize the impact that their individual action could have.
  • If you currently own a vacation rental, consider the personal and community benefit of transitioning that unit into a residential rental.
  • If you are a landlord with financial means, consider the community benefit of keeping your unit(s) below market rate.

Supporting Housing Organizations

  • Volunteer or make a financial contribution to our local housing organizations.
  • Include housing organizations in your estate plans. Reach out to individual organizations to see how they could benefit from your estate planning. 
  • Share your experience and expertise by joining the boards of housing organizations when they have openings.
  • Have extra land? Donate it to an organization to be used for affordable housing.
  • The Community Boat Project is shifting their focus from boat building to tiny home building. Learn about and support their efforts.

Government-Focused Action Opportunities