Engagement Opportunities

We believe that sustainable housing solutions will only be possible through a mix of individual, grassroots, organizational, and government-focused action.  Here are some real examples of how Jefferson County residents are already making a difference.

There are many more solutions that are already in action or could be initiated; please reach out if you have ideas or stories of solutions to share. Contact housingsolutions@jcfgives.org

Individual Commitments and Grassroots Engagement

Supporting Housing Organizations

  • Volunteer or make a financial contribution to our local housing organizations.
  • Include housing organizations in your estate plans. Reach out to individual organizations to see how they could benefit from your estate planning. 
  • Share your experience and expertise by joining the boards of housing organizations when they have openings.
  • Learn about the unique needs of our local organizations in our Community Engagement and Investment Portfolio.
  • Have extra land? Donate it to an organization to be used for affordable housing.
  • The Community Boat Project is shifting their focus from boat building to tiny home building. Learn about and support their efforts.

Government-Focused Action Opportunities