Get Inspired

Sustainable housing solutions will only be possible through a mix of individual, grassroots, organizational, and government-focused action. Here are some real examples of how Jefferson County residents are already making a difference.

There are many more solutions that are already in action or could be initiated; please reach out if you have ideas or stories of solutions to share. Contact

Individual Commitments and Grassroots Engagement

Supporting Housing Organizations

  • Volunteer or make a financial contribution to our local housing organizations.
  • Include housing organizations in your estate plans. Reach out to individual organizations to see how they could benefit from your estate planning. 
  • Share your experience and expertise by joining the boards of housing organizations when they have openings.
  • Learn about the unique needs of our local organizations in our Community Engagement and Investment Portfolio.
  • Have extra land? Donate it to an organization to be used for affordable housing.
  • The Community Boat Project is shifting their focus from boat building to tiny home building. Learn about and support their efforts.

Government-Focused Action Opportunities

  • If you live in PT, advocate for affordable density strategies, researched and outlined by the Tiny Home Communities HAT.
  • Join with others to advocate for policies and changes at the local and state level. Contact to learn more.
  • Attend the Port Townsend City Council’s Housing Committee meetings every third Thursday of the month at 3pm at City Hall.
  • Join the Port Townsend Planning Commission. Attend these public meetings on the second & fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the first-floor conference room of City Hall.
  • Join the Jefferson County Planning Commission. Attend Planning Commission meetings on first and third Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm at the Tri-Area Community Center.
  • Attend Port Townsend City Council meetings to learn about the decisions they are making, and to have your voice heard. City Council meets the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30pm in City Hall.
  • Jefferson County is considering an update to its ADU policy that would allow for more small units per parcel. Contact Planning Commissioner Matt Sircely at to learn more.