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To donate by credit card, click here. Our donation page (administered by the Jefferson Community Foundation) will allow you to make a one-time donation or to set up a recurring monthly, quarterly, or annual donation.

Or, send a check to:

Housing Solutions Network
c/o JCF
P.O. Box 1394
Port Hadlock, WA 98339

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To learn more, contact HSN Director Liz Revord at

Testimonial from gift giver Judy Alexander

Having seen so many changes in our community over the past 40 years, I see the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic as potentially grave trouble for our collective ability to sustain what we know, value, and love about our community life. I encourage anyone who is willing to send what support they can to the Housing Solutions Network efforts for 2020 and beyond, and to do so soon.

Having been an active volunteer within the Housing Solutions Network’s Outreach Action Team for almost a year now, I have found my appreciation for the seriousness of our local affordable housing crisis now occupies a central spot among my plethora of concerns about the long term sustainability of our community.  I know, first hand, that maintaining an “age and income diverse” component of our seriously aging community will be critically important going forward, especially as baby boomers enter the last years of our lives. All ages of folks want to live here, but it has become increasingly difficult for younger people (farmers, employees of our service and tourism businesses, and community workforce folks like police, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc.) to find long-term affordable housing that allows them to work here and stay here. This is deeply troubling to me, and brings the consequences of income disparity into crystal clarity. While I am not a wealthy person, I do feel grateful and fortunate to live and work here in Jefferson County. So, when I heard the $1200 federal stimulus checks were being issued, I knew I could give that money on behalf of our community recovery, and knew immediately where I wanted it to go…. It has become the first $1000 contribution to the Housing Solution Network’s next year of committed support for engaging community solutions to housing issues. HSN’s leadership and community engagement can increase our affordable local housing options, while creating the resources and support going forward that will make possible the age diversity that will keep this the vibrantly connected community that it has come to be.

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