The solution at home

Many local housing organizations are working to build new units of housing, however building new units is expensive and takes time. Additionally, many working professionals do not qualify for subsidized affordable housing. We need more rentals available immediately in order to mitigate the dire effects of losing more of our local workforce.

Home-sharing is one solution already within reach.

Fortunately, Jefferson County has one resource that is plentiful and ready to be put to use as an interim solution. That resource is empty bedrooms. Across the nation more and more people are solving the challenges of isolation, securing financial security, and increasing their quality of life through home-sharing.

Interested in Homesharing?

  • Read our free guide below to get started.
  • Utilize the Housing Link to connect with a housemate.
  • Try the online home sharing service Silvernest.com.
    • Over 60 years old and already living on the Olympic Peninsula? Olympic Area Agency on Aging  will cover the cost of a Plus membership! Visit O3A Homeshare website for more details

What is Home Sharing?

Home-sharing is the simple act of living with an unrelated person or people. This can be done in many different ways. 

Short-term home-sharing (one month to one year) can provide places for people to live who have recently secured a local job and are looking for a place to land, or for traveling nurses, seasonal workers, AmeriCorps volunteers. Jefferson County benefits from all of these types of workers. Long-term home-sharing (more than one year) can be beneficial in many ways.

Inter-generational home-sharing can provide security for seniors, enliven quiet households, and sometimes even lead to in-home child care for families. People who live with room to spare can find home-sharing an enriched way to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

If you are keen on building relationships, reducing living costs, and supporting our community, here is a roadmap to help you get started on your home-sharing journey. 

Stories of Impact

If you would like to learn more about home-sharing opportunities reach out to HousingSolutions@jcfgives.org

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