Housing Action Teams

The backbone of the Housing Solutions Network is its group of volunteer Housing Action Teams (HATs) that are working to address obstacles that hinder our community’s ability to provide adequate safe and affordable housing. 

The Outreach HAT is helping more individuals learn about our housing challenges and get engaged. Thanks to an anonymous donation, the team has produced a short video that illuminates the problem and shows some of the creative choices individuals are making to increase housing opportunity.  The video is being shown to community groups, followed by facilitated conversations. To learn more, contact Judy Alexander at lightenup@olympus.net

The Rental Connections HAT is looking to increase rental opportunities in existing homes and back units, both for spaces that are rental-ready and spaces that may need some additional construction (see below for partner project, Neighborly Rentals). They are asking, “What prevents homeowners from renting out parts of their homes, second homes, or ADUs, and what information or resources could help unlock more of those spaces available as rentals?” This team is also assessing the idea of creating an agency that would match renters with homeowners and help foster safety and positivity for both parties. To learn more, contact rentalconnections@housingsolutionnetwork.org

The Neighborly Rentals HAT is exploring ways that community investors can provide resources for homeowners to create rental spaces in existing homes or on existing home properties, e.g. converting a garage into an apartment, converting vacant rooms into studio or small apartments, or adding an ADU.  Inspired in part by the Real Community Rentals program in West Marin, CA, the resources could open pathways for new rentals to join the market, creating a quadruple win for renter, homeowner, investor and community. This initiative is in the formative phase and we will be promoting it if and when such an initiative is launched.  This HAT is working in coordination with the Rental Connections HAT. To learn more, contact neighborlyrentals@housingsolutionsnetwork.org

The Permitting HAT is assessing what regulations and barriers, both actual and perceived, are preventing builders and landowners from creating more housing. This team is working with the City and County Planning Departments to make improvements on some of these issues, and considering how to make information more easily accessible for people who want to build. To learn more, contact Teri Nomura at nomura@windermere.com

The Tiny House Community HAT is working to enable the permitting of tiny home communities in the City and County. Tiny home communities can address the need for affordable housing in multiple ways – lower build costs, greater density, smaller environmental footprint, and shared operating expenses – while increasing community control and equity in the housing market. Currently, the team is working on two projects. One is in pursuit of zoning and regulation changes that would allow tiny home communities. The other is the goal of establishing a tiny home community to provide transitional and workforce housing. To learn more, contact tinyhomes@housingsolutionsnetwork.org

Have an idea that you would like to bring to the table that isn’t here?  Let us know and we will work to connect you with other individuals who are interested in similar solutions.