Housing Resources

How to find housing…

In a small community like Jefferson County, there is not one centralized place where people post and look for rentals and many are passed through work-of-mouth. The below list include the most common places that people tend to post information about rentals – whether you are seeking a rental or a tenant, these are the places to look. And if there is a resource that you know of that isn’t on this list, please let us know at justine@jcfgives.org!

Online Platforms:

Craigslist – of course.

Jefferson County, WA Rentals – This is a Facebook group dedicated to posts about places for rent and people seeking rentals.

Zillow – Rental listings only.

Facebook Marketplace – Rental listings only. Tends to be limited for Jefferson County, but includes surrounding communities

Physical Places:

Port Townsend Food Co-op – bulletin board has a ‘housing’ section

Chimacum Corner Farmstand – has bulletin in back with occasional postings of available rentals and people seeking rentals

Fair Housing Act & Landlord-Tenant Law Resources

There are two sets of laws that protect tenants and landlords and define the basic framework of responsibilities between people who enter a landlord-tenant relationship. Fair Housing Laws pertain to how a rental is advertised and how a tenant is chosen. If a rental is posted in a public venue (online or physical space), it is subject to Fair Housing Act laws. Landlord-Tenant Act laws apply to the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords once they have entered into a rental agreement. Both sets of laws are critical to ensuring equal housing opportunity, safe living environments, and a basic framework for landlord-tenant interactions.

Housing Solutions Network does not assist with, address, or offer advice related to potential violations of these laws, this is simply a list of informative resources.

Fair Housing Laws 101 – A thorough introduction to Fair Housing laws

Fair Housing Center of Washington – The main organization in Washington dedicated to ensuring fair housing for all

Landlord-Tenant Act – This is a brochure that covers some basic rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Washington State

“Your Rights as a Tenant in Washington State” – Washington Law Help’s breakdown of LTA laws

Northwest Justice Project – The main organization in Washington dedicated to assisting tenants know their rights