Housing Resources

In a small community like Jefferson County, there’s not one centralized place where people post and look for rentals and many are passed through work-of-mouth. The below list include the most common places that people tend to post information about rentals – whether you are seeking a rental or a tenant, these are the places to look. And if there is a resource that you know of that isn’t on this list, please let us know at housingsolutions@jcfgives.org!


Housing Link – Housing Solutions Network own housing platform to connect renters to rentals


Jefferson County, WA Rentals – Facebook group dedicated to posts about places for rent and people seeking rentals.

Facebook Marketplace – Rental listings only. Tends to be limited for Jefferson County, but includes surrounding communities

Zillow – Rental listings only.


Port Townsend Food Co-op – bulletin board has a ‘housing’ section

Chimacum Corner Farmstand – has bulletin in back with occasional postings of available rentals and people seeking rentals

Home Repairs for Low Income Home Owners

Real Estate Professionals for Affordable Housing (REPAH) provides funding for home repairs. Low income home owners who need assistance to keep their homes livable can apply HERE, along with three bids for the cost of repairs. Recent repairs include septic, bathroom repairs, water heaters, windows, wheel chair ramps, grab bars, roofing repairs and water leaks. REPAH has a maximum repair budget of $2500 for each home owner.

Habitat for Humanity of East Jefferson County provides home repair assistance through a no-interest loan to residents of Quilcene and Brinnon who meet their criteria.

Olycap offers a home repair and weatherization program for qualifying houses through a deferred loan program.

Fair Housing Act & Landlord-Tenant Law Resources

There are two sets of laws that protect tenants and landlords and define the basic framework of responsibilities between people who enter a landlord-tenant relationship. Fair Housing Laws pertain to how a rental is advertised and how a tenant is chosen. If a rental is posted in a public venue (online or physical space), it is subject to Fair Housing Act laws. Landlord-Tenant Act laws apply to the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords once they have entered into a rental agreement. Both sets of laws are critical to ensuring equal housing opportunity, safe living environments, and a basic framework for landlord-tenant interactions.

Housing Solutions Network does not assist with, address, or offer advice related to potential violations of these laws, this is simply a list of informative resources.

Fair Housing Laws 101 – A thorough introduction to Fair Housing laws

Fair Housing Center of Washington – The main organization in Washington dedicated to ensuring fair housing for all

Landlord-Tenant Act – This is a brochure that covers some basic rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants in Washington State

“Your Rights as a Tenant in Washington State” – Washington Law Help’s breakdown of LTA laws

Northwest Justice Project – The main organization in Washington dedicated to assisting tenants know their rights