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Seeking: Rental

Preferred Location: Port Townsend

Tenants : 2

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: None

Occupation: Administrative, Artist

What makes you a great tenant?: I am respectful, ethical, and communicate well. I take care of things and keep things clean/tidy (even with a 5 year old).

Short Story: My daughter and I moved here a year and a half ago with high hopes of making it on our own. To be honest though, it’s been a real struggle here for someone who is low income and a single parent. We have been living in a house with mold in it as well as other pest issues, which has caused severe health issues. Fortunately, I am on the mend after getting the house mostly cleaned and sanitary, but my mental health living in this home has turned on me. We only crave a clean, well-built, and healthy home, so we can stop being sick and begin to flourish in this beautiful town.

Target Housing Cost : $800-900


Seeking: Rental, Home-share

Preferred Location: Port Townsend, Port Hadlock, Chimacum

Tenants : 1 + cat

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: 1 senior cat

Occupation: Housekeeper at Jefferson Healthcare hospital.

Interests: Family, friends, the beach.

Short Story: I’m a senior working full-time with a senior cat who is pretty shy around strangers but well behaved. I moved up to Port Townsend at the beginning of 2020 and in with my sister on Fir Street. She recently passed and I will have to vacate by the end of January 2023.

Target Housing Cost : $600 – 800


Seeking: Rental, Home-share, Temporary Residence (1 – 3 months)

Preferred Location: Port Townsend, Port Hadlock, Chimacum, Quilcene

Tenants : 1

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Pets: Dog (service animal)

Occupation: I’m a therapist ( I also work at www.thebenjiproject.org)

Interests: Community, mental health, permaculture, art, dance, local food systems, music, healing circles for men, hiking and backpacking, cold water swimming, relationships with family and friends matter a lot to me.

Short Story: I have great references and take pride in the places I’ve lived as a renter and aim to leave them better than they looked when I arrived. I recently graduated with an MA in Counseling and have hopes to stay in the community to offer my counseling services. I work and volunteer with www.thebenjiproject.org I have a service dog named Samaya who is well behaved and works with me during individual sessions and group work. I love the community in and around PT and Chimacum. I’m open to creative possibilities with housing as I was given short notice to leave the house I was living in with others last month (apparently the owner is doing an ABNB this winter).

Target Housing Cost : $750-2000


Seeking: Rental

Location: Port Townsend, Port Hadlock, Chimacum, Port Ludlow, Quilcene

Tennants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1, 2

Pets: 2 cats

Occupation: Jefferson County EM

What makes you a great tennant?: Anything outdoors!

Short Story: Recently moved from Texas to work for Jefferson County and am looking for a rental to call home! I am very quiet and clean, and have 2 very well-behaved cats.

Target Housing Cost : $1200-1500


Seeking: Rental, Home-share, Land lease for RV or tiny house on wheels

Preferred Location: Port Townsend, Anywhere in Jefferson County

Tenants : 3

Number of Bedrooms: 1, 2

Pets: Brindle med dog.

Occupation: Horticultural landscaper

Interests: Community, connection and safety.

Short Story: My small family is looking for a welcoming community that would like to benefit from having amazing people in their lives. I am a hard-working and passionate person for community and family. I have been here in PT since the beginning of May. I have already achieved full time work, with one of the best in the community, Wild Brassica, childcare, healthcare and have already presented a small glimmer of what I can give back to the community by attending the Fort Warden Field day event with providing DIY tye-dye. I have made solid connections to well known and respected people of the Jefferson community and I have references. Thank you for your consideration. My family appreciate your time and look forward to spending more time with the community.

Target Housing Cost : $600-800


Seeking: Rental

Location: Port Townsend

Tennants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: 1

Pets: no

Occupation: work from home – IT and billing for chiropractor

What makes you a great tennant?: I am reliable, honest, quiet, take good care of my place and always pay rent on time.

Short Story: I am a 71 year old single woman who works remotely from home. I am a member of the QUUF church and am becoming more active. I have lived in PT for the past year. I am trustworthy, honest, reliable and a great tenant.

Target Housing Cost : $1300 max


Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent, Land lease for RV or tiny house on wheels

Location: Port Townsend

Tennants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: 1, Treeing Walker Coon Hound, 5 y.o., 100lbs

Occupation: Intake Specialist Jefferson Healthcare

What makes you a great tennant?: Courteous, clean, quiet, reliable, non smoker

Short Story: I have recently relocated to the area from Oregon, because my partner of three years lives here. I was offered an amazing job opportunity, and now I need to find housing in order to serve the community while working in healthcare.

Target Housing Cost : $800-$1000 month


Seeking: Rental, Home-share or Room for Rent

Location: Anywhere in Jefferson County

Tennants: 1

Number of Bedrooms: Studio, 1

Pets: not necessarily – but 1 cat if it works out

Occupation: Marketing, retail, graphic design

What makes you a great tennant?: Responsible, conscientous,

Short Story: I’m a marketing guy, musician, radio personality, and all around good guy. My partner and I are splitting up – we’ve been living in a house we own in Chimacum for the last 3 years – and she is buying out my share in the property. I’m 60 years old, responsible, mostly-employed and would make a fine tenant. Thanks for your consideration.

Target Housing Cost : $1000


Seeking: Brinnon home to buy and put roots down for a single income teacher’s salary

Location: Quilcene

Tennants: 3 children and one adult; however, two children come home a lot from college.

Number of Bedrooms: 3

Pets: no; but, we would like two chickens and a dog possibly

Occupation: Teacher

What makes you a great tennant?: I am vested in the community

Short Story: I am a 5-12 ELA teacher at the Brinnon Elementary School. I am a single mother raising 5 boys in the community. Two of my children have recently gone to college and come home during the holidays and summer. I have come to know many people here and have made a decision to stay as a career move. It is challenging to live here in the post-covid19 economy. Brinnon has no grocery store, limited internet access, and the bad driving conditions in the winter over Mount Walker, especially for teens who play sports and go to school in Quilcene. Given all that, the struggles have brought us all together; and I would prefer to remain in Brinnon.

Target Housing Cost : $1100 and under