How to be a Good Landlord: An Introduction to Residential Rentals

Have you ever considered renting out your ADU, spare bedroom, or second home? This webinar is an opportunity for homeowners to learn the basic steps of safely and responsibly operating a rental unit. If you have a rental-ready space, a vacation rental you may turn into a residential rental, a spare room you want to fill, or the space to build a rental ADU, this class is for you. It will cover topics like how to craft a lease, screen and retain tenants, maintain and manage rentals, and more.

Why do we need rental housing? Residential rentals are a triple win for landlords, tenants, and the community. Landlords get stability, security, and income; tenants get a safe and affordable place to call home; and the community gets more housing for workers, low income seniors, and families. 

This training was crafted and presented by Barney Burke, and produced by the Housing Solutions Network. Barney is a retired city planner, affordable housing advocate, and long-time “mom-and-pop” landlord. Barney’s presentation emphasizes best practices for being the kind of landlord that tenants and communities appreciate. 

This seminar is a product of the Rental Connections Housing Action Team of Housing Solutions Network.

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