We believe our work matters, but don’t just take our word for it; the work of HSN has been featured across the Olympic Peninsula. Thanks to the intrepid reporters and editors who cover the ongoing housing crisis and the solutions we’re creating together.

KPTZ 91.9, March 13-14, 2023: Housing Connections’ – Panel discussion

  • Forum 1: What is a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy and Why does PT Need One?
  • Forum 2: Inclusionary Zoning Myths
  • Forum 3: Employer Panel on Housing

KPTZ 91.9, February 17, 2023: Community Tides with affordable housing expert Kim Herman 

The Leader, February 10, 2023: Come, listen, and learn; join in the heavy lift

The Leader, January 26, 2023: Creating an appropriate, more inclusive zoning policy

The Leader, November 22, 2022: Housing for whom? Why Port Townsend needs to get ‘density’ right

The Leader, October 6, 2022: Under the tent offers information on ADUs

The Leader, July 6, 2022: Organizations host tent gathering to address the housing crisis

The Leader, October 8, 2021: How undercutting the city feeds housing insecurity

The Leader, August 5, 2021: To create affordable housing, we must legalize it

KPTZ, July 17, 2021: City Council Candidate Forum on Housing full audio:

The Leader, July 14, 2021: Housing network to host housing forum for City Council candidates

KPTZ 91.9, April 30, 2021: Our workforce housing challenge

The Leader, January 8, 2021: Peter’s Place tiny house village unveiled

The Leader, December 16, 2020: First Federal Community Foundation announces local grant winners

Peninsula Daily News, December 11, 2020: Jefferson County community asked to free up affordable housing

KPTZ 91.9, December 6, 2020: Community call to action for housing

Peninsula Daily News, September 10, 2020: Eviction moratorium topic of Zoom presentations

Peninsula Daily News, February 11, 2020: Housing group looking for solutions for workforce

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