Permit Navigator

Welcome to our Permit Navigator program!

We are producing a video series about how to approach and navigate the local permitting and building process, specifically as it relates to creating ADUs. These videos will help homeowners begin the permitting process and overcome key questions. 

Our vision for the Permit Navigator is to:

  • Ease the process of finding and filling out building permits
  • Support our local building departments in this time of need by offering an this additional guide
  • Increase the accessible housing stock through ADUs

Our Permit Housing Action Team (HAT) is in conversations with the City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County about how to best target these videos.  Currently, nothing like this exists for the public, especially not anything that is relevant for our unique region.

The next step of the Permit Navigator project is to take it from a video series to an in-person cohort style class. This would entail designing a “permit navigator” position (housed by a non-governmental organization) to help people navigate the permitting process when they intended to build some type of naturally-affordable housing. The video series will both produce a body of information that will be immediately useful to the public, and help our group determine whether to pursue creating a more fully fledged program.

We want this to serve you. Please give us feedback on how this project could serve you better.


Thanks to the Rotary Club of Port Townsend for program funding

Have a question or comment for the Permit Navigator project? Reach out here and let us know!