Permit Survey

Answers are confidential, unless respondents choose to identify themselves.

This Permit Survey is intended to document the current state of our local permitting system. We intend to collect as many surveys as possible and then compile the responses into two reports that describe the consistent problems builders and contractors face. One report will focus on the City of Port Townsend, and one will focus on Jefferson County (outside of Port Townsend). This work will be done by members of our team of volunteer, ordinary citizens. When the reports are ready, we will deliver them to the City and County officials, with an offer to assist our local government in using the information to improve their permitting process.

This survey was created by, and will be reviewed by members of Housing Solutions Network’s Permitting Housing Action Team.

The Permitting Housing Action Team is made up of a group of community volunteers who are concerned about the difficulty of building in Jefferson County. Our concern stems from a deeper concern about the shortage of housing in our county, which has contributed to the lack of housing that is affordable for our community’s workers. Many of our team members have either direct experience with building locally, as contractors or property owners, or hear about the challenges builders face through their work. We share a general understanding of the frustrations that builders have regarding the permitting process, and we believe that understanding those frustrations is the key to improving our local government systems. Improving our local systems, we hope, will allow for more modestly-priced housing to be built.

This survey is being distributed online, since government buildings are closed. We are sending it to the Home Builders Association, the Realtors Association, and independent contractors and let people know to forward it to their contacts.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE SURVEY? Builders, Developers, Design Professionals, Sub-contractors, Property Owners

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