Share Our Spaces


We can help you create housing solutions at home.

Homeowners are the most able to act on housing immediately. Solutions are available right now to create workforce housing; in fact, they might be right in your backyard.

Building an ADU, renting a room, or filling an empty house can not only generate income but also can provide workforce housing.

We are already losing young professionals and long-term residents who want to commit to our community, but cannot find stable housing.

The truth of the matter is that this county already has the housing and land resources to house far more people than it currently does.

Sharing our existing spaces is the fastest, cheapest, and most generous solution we have.

What Can I Do?

Why Share Our Spaces?

  • Workforce housing protects this special place that we love, including the institutions we depend on
  • Provides an opportunity to generate rental income
  • Sharing recognizes that we are fortunate and grateful to be here with what we have
  • Aging in place may be more attainable with a shared housing setup

"Life is richer when we share"

Malcolm Dorn, Home Builder

Workforce Housing Solutions

Due to a truly unprecedented storm of housing shortages, wealth
inequality, skyrocketing demand, and antiquated housing policies our housing stock has vanished.

While this is not unique to our county, it is exacerbated by local wealth disparities. The needs of our workforce are not prioritized due, in part, to the fact that only one quarter of our county’s personal income comes from wages or salaries.

Sharing our existing spaces and creating new, smaller units gives the most immediate relief to our workforce.

We know we can do better. Let's start now.