We have five solutions to grow workforce housing.

Homeowners are the most able to act on housing immediately. Solutions are available right now to create workforce housing; in fact, they might be right in your backyard.

Building an ADU, renting a room, or filling an empty house can not only generate income but also can provide workforce housing.

We are already losing young professionals and long-term residents who want to commit to our community, but are being priced out of their home.

The truth of the matter is that this county already has the housing and land resources to serve far more people than it currently does.

Sharing our existing spaces is the fastest, cheapest, and most generous solution we have.

Five Solutions:

  1. Convert an existing garage or basement into an ADU, or build a backyard cottage as a means to age-in-place and add rental income
  2. Looking for a renter? Try our new Housing Link webpage to connect with our local workforce
  3. Interested in renting but not in building an ADU? Home-sharing is a great, short and long-term housing solution. Check out our Roadmap to Home-sharing
  4. There are 3,300 local empty homes in our county. Let’s unlock these homes for our workforce – our emergency responders, teachers, nurses and doctors
  5. It is allowable to lease land in the County to people with existing mobile tiny homes to park on your land.

Why Share?

  1. Using our existing housing is the most immediate solution to plug the workforce housing drain
  2. Sharing your home can provide an opportunity to generate rental income
  3. Shared housing can allow for a more easeful aging-in-place transition
  4. Affordable and available housing protects this special community that we love, including the institutions that we all depend on daily
  5. Sharing recognizes that we are fortunate and grateful for what we have and what others have to offer

Workforce Housing Solutions

Due to the rapid influx of wealth in our community, a national demand in housing, stagnated housing supply and antiquated housing policies our housing stock has been pushed out of reach for most people in our county.