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Bringing Tiny-Homes-on-Wheels to Port Townsend

On July 1st, Port Townsend becomes the first city in Washington to allow Tiny-Homes-on-Wheels (THOWs).  Join Tiny Homes JC for two information-packed webinars that will help you navigate the city’s new zoning requirements for THOWs and provide you the information you need to get your THOW project successfully started.  You will also have the chance to connect one-on-one and in small groups in breakout rooms on topics of your choice at the end of the webinars.  Come help us grow East Jefferson County’s tiny home ecosystem!


Recording Available

Originally presented June 20th, 2023

Learn about THOWs’ affordable living advantages; Port Townsend’s design requirements; how to choose a builder, lease land, and set-up; different primary home/ADU scenarios; and more.

Presentations by: 

Zack Giffin: Vice-President of Tiny Homes Industry Association and co-host of tv show Tiny House Nation 
Alaska Wagoner: Tiny home lifestyle consultant for The Tiny House Concierge 
Bill Wise: ADU co-strategist for the Housing Solutions Network

Tiny Home Communities

Recording Available

Originally presented June 27th, 2023

Learn about tiny home communities zoning requirements; infrastructure and community design; different THOW community financial models and financing opportunities; and more.   

Presentations by:

Helena Smith: City of Port Townsend Long Range Planner
Todd McKillips: Executive Director of Washington Tiny Homes Association and CEO of Seattle Tiny Homes
Terra Farrar: Commercial Loan Officer with Olympic View Group specializing in Tiny Home Communities

Webinar Resources


Port Townsend Information

Jefferson County Information

Washington State Information

List of Known Washington State Certified THOW Builders  

  • Carriage Houses NW 
  • Mount Baker Tiny Homes 
  • Seattle Tiny Homes 
  • Wolf Industries 

Additional Resources


  • The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) regulates the construction of THOWs, while the City of Port Townsend’s Department of Planning and Community Development regulates the placement and use of these units within city limits.
  • Not all tiny homes, tiny houses on wheels or park model RVs meet the requirements to be established as a THOW in Port Townsend. THOWs that do not meet Port Townsend’s requirements will not be permitted. If you are purchasing a THOW built outside of Washington, please confirm they are able to provide the appropriate Washington State Labor and Industry (L&I) certification (insignia).
  • In addition to the L&I insignia, ANSI-built THOWs must be certified to design standards in PT’s zoning code (see THOW ADU “Certified for Port Townsend” checklist below).
  • In addition to Known Washington State Certified THOW Builders, there are both out-of-state THOW builders and in-state certified modular tiny home builders (i.e. building tiny homes not on wheels).  We will continue to expand this list with research.

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