Jefferson County Tiny Home Community Free Webinar Series 

All webinars will be 6:30 to 8 pm via Zoom

Webinar Topics 

October 21st  – Tiny Home Community Development Basics
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November 18th – Tiny Home Community Development Strategies
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December 16th – Tiny Home Communities as Supportive Housing 

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Jefferson County’s housing crisis is going from bad to worse as the economic impact of COVID-19 hits.  Learn why Tiny Home Communities are a sustainable solution to the housing affordability crisis here in Jefferson County.   

Our goal in this webinar series is to answer many of the questions you might have about tiny home communities, such as: How do you build them?  Where can you locate them?  And would a tiny home community be a good fit for me?   

This free series features presentations by local and regional tiny home community development practitioners; interactive learning exercises; and networking opportunities.   

The series is brought to you by the Quimper Community Housing Project and the Tiny Home Communities Housing Action Team of the Housing Solutions Network, Jefferson Community Foundation.  Co-sponsored by the Affordable Housing Action Group. 


About the Presenters

Second Webinar Presenters:

Teresa Baker is the Co-Founder & President of the Board of Directors for LATCH (Los Angeles Tiny Co-Built Homes) Collective, as well builder of her own DIY tiny house. Teresa was a key player in legalizing tiny houses on wheels as ADUs in Los Angeles, one of the most revolutionary change in favor of affordable housing in the zoning/building codes in decades and now spreading to other cities! Teresa has a background in urban planning, is trained in carpentry, builds affordable housing as a crew leader for Habitat for Humanity, and has a passion for teaching and community building.

Rachel Williams is Finance Manager for Habitat for Humanity of East Jefferson County since 2013 and has worked with them since 2007.  Rachel is passionate about creating vibrant and resilient rural communities.   

Jane Lowry Armstrong is helping to develop community investment strategies for housing with the Housing Solutions Network.     

Victoria O’Banion and Fred Medicott from NW Cooperative Development Center (NWCDC) will introduce a strategy to create permanently affordable tiny home communities through housing cooperatives.  Victoria has a wealth of experience in affordable housing and Fred has been providing assistance to resident-owned communities since 2017.   

Viki Sonntag is a grassroots economist, sustainability practitioner and community activist. Viki will moderate the webinar.   


First Webinar Presenters:

Jesse Thomas lives and works in Jefferson County as a designer and project manager. His experience and interest include Passive House design and alternative living models.

Viki Sonntag is a grassroots economist, sustainability practitioner and community activist.  She has lived in Port Townsend since 2012.  

Alexis Stephens has traveled the country documenting the tiny house movement with She co-directed and filmed the acclaimed documentary Living Tiny Legally which explores the potential benefits tiny houses can bring to a community, the legal obstacles and how these are being overcome in a growing number of cities and in model building codes. Currently, she is a board member and on staff of the newly formed Tiny House Industry Association.

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