Jefferson County Tiny Home Communities
Resource Page

Jefferson County’s housing crisis is going from bad to worse as the economic impact of COVID-19 hits.  Learn why Tiny Home Communities are a sustainable solution to the housing affordability crisis here in Jefferson County.   

Jefferson County Quick Reference:

Tiny Shelter Village Fact Sheet

This information sheet explains why tiny home and shelter villages for the homeless and income precarious are needed.  

Types of Tiny Homes and Tiny Home Communities

This infographic provides definitions and typology of tiny homes and tiny home communities for Washington State.  

Viki’s Guide to Permitting Tiny Homes & Tiny Home Communities in Jefferson County, WA

Information sheet on where you can legally put a tiny home and/or a tiny home community.   


Supporting Tiny Home Communities in Port Townsend’s Zoning Code

Questions About Tiny Homes?

Local 'Tiny Shelter' Projects

Tiny houses are flexible to suit many needs for many people. These videos feature the senior emergency shelter tiny house village, Peter’s Place,and Pat’s Place, launched by volunteers within the Tiny Homes Communities Housing Action Team.

Online Resources

City of Port Townsend – Read the City’s basic rules.

Jefferson County – Read the County’s brochure for tiny homes – Source for solid information on wide range of DIY build topics – Treasure trove of videos on all things tiny including an in-depth parking guide House Lifestyle Podcast – LA’s tiny house resource collective – Developing standards and promoting best practices for tiny homes

TinyHouseTalk.comNews and stories history of the affordable housing crisis

Video about the Port Townsend Eco Village’s Tiny Home Community.

Local Opportunities

Tiny Home Communities Webinars

The webinars took place from October through December 2020.  Click on webinar title to view the recording.

The goal for this series is to answer many of the questions you might have about tiny home communities, such as: How do you build them?  Where can you locate them?  And would a tiny home community be a good fit for me?   The series features presentations by local, regional and national tiny home community development practitioners.   

Webinar #1:  Tiny Home Community Development Basics

This webinar introduces the basics of tiny home community development, featuring a presentation by Alexis Stephens on the many tiny home communities springing up around the country.  Alexis with her partner Christian has documented the tiny house movement for the past five years. Currently, she is a board member and on staff at the newly formed Tiny House Industry Association.

Webinar #2:  Tiny Home Community Development Strategies

This webinar features information and inspiration from a variety of presenters to guide you on your tiny home community journey, whether you are looking to build a small or large community. Teresa Baker, Co-Founder & President of the Board of Directors for Los Angeles Tiny Co-Built Homes (LATCH) Collective, tells the story of the LATCH resource collective.  Other presentations focus on financing and housing cooperatives.